Day: December 21, 2019

Key Parameters

Key Parameters As previously seen, to design the SIS (“Safety Instrumented System”) according to IEC 61511, several requirements must be met throughout its life cycle. Compliance with the SIL level assigned to each SIF (“Safety Instrumented Function”) is one of these requirements, and is performed by calculating the Average Probability of Failure on demand (PFDavg …

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Most used Architectures In the following table we show the most used architectures when designing Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF). Logic Channels HFT (S) HFT (A) Objetives Used for 1oo1 1 0 0   sensor, actuator 1oo2 2 1 0 More Safety sensor, actuator 2oo2 2 0 1 More Availability sensor, actuator 2oo3 3 1 1 …

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