SRS Tool

SRS_Tool helps you to create the Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) and customized SILcet reports. It’s an Excel-based application with macros.

  • The SRS can contain a general template and a list of SIFs (both modifiable by the user; up to 500 SIFs) and a template for each SIF that reads data from the “SRSdata” sheet. The macro generates an .xlsx file with the selected options.
  • It contains two other data sheets (DATA2 and DATA3) for the user to configure his/her own SILcet reports. SILcet data can be imported and any type of report can be created in .xlsx format (easily convertible to PDF).
  • The tool can be used to create templates and reports of any other type such as instrument “Data Sheets”, SIF proof test templates, wiring tables, etc. (up to 500 items per Excel file)
  • The tool is supplied with several finished templates that can be modified by the user (SRS and several models of SILcet Reports).
  • Graphics and/or conditional formatting cells can be added.
  • The technical requirements for the use of SRS_Tool are the following: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and Excel (version 2013 or later).
SRS Tool
SRS Templates
SRS Tool
Example (one sheet per SIF)
SRS Tool
Example (sheet with summary per SIF)
SRS Tool
Example for Proof Tests Template
SRS Tool
Example (one sheet per SIF)

If you need us to include a specific template in the tool, please send it to us for analysis (to


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