IEC 61511

Systematic Failures

Systematic Failures IEC 61511 defines systematic failures as those “related to a “pre-existing” fault, which can only be eliminated by removing the fault by a modification of the design, manufacturing process, operating procedures, documentation or other relevant factors”. The peculiarity of systematic failures is that they are “hidden” and may never manifest or be detected, […]

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SIS Life Cycle

SIS Life Cycle – IEC 61511 The image shows the main phases of the SIS Life Cycle (Life Cycle of Safety Instrumented System), as well as the technical disciplines that lead each part. Analysis Phase In this phase, a rigorous analysis of the hazards of the process is carried out, comparing the probability that a

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Safety Standards

Safety Standards International Standards such as IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 are prepared by committees of experts from different fields and functions, and are not mandatory in the design or manufacturing, unless the end user or local legislation specifies their direct or indirect compliance. As an example, we will say that OSHA in USA and

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