SILcet Prices

Version >6.2 Pro6.2 Pro Plus 6.2 Pro Plus (x2)Trial
License1 year, 1 PC 1 year, 1 PC 1 year, 2 PC demo
Buy BUY BUY BUY Download trial
Buy (30% OFF)(1) BUY BUY BUY
Price310 €450 €530 €free
Discounts for trainersContact us

(1) Subscription with a 30% discount for renewals.

Support by email about use of the tool.

Contact us for price of Multi-user license for 3 PCs or more.

Services only for SILcet Pro Plus users:

Safety Functions of project client:1-5 SIFs6-10 SIFs11-20 SIFs>20 SIFs
Review of Excel SILcet configured by client (checking of potential errors and recommendations).350 €700 €1400 €Contact
SIL Verification with data provided by client (SILcet configuration and Report)900 €1800 €3000 €Contact

Main differences among versions

Version >6.2 Pro6.2 Pro PlusTrial
Number of SIFs35703
Architectures (Low/High D.)21+ MooN / 19+ MooN 21+ MooN / 19+ MooN1oo1, 1oo2
Complex ArchitecturesYesYesNo
CalculationsPFDavg, PFH, MTTFS, SIL, Beta PFDavg, PFH, MTTFS, SIL, Beta PFDavg, PFH, MTTFS, SIL, Beta
Reports2 types5 types (devices list)Summary (SMRY)
Draw Logic (2)YesYesSIF-1/2/3
Report with Logic (3)NoYesNo
SIF behavior (4)TITI, Cpt, DU/DDTI
Comparison of scenarios (8)NoYesNo
Multi-user licenseNoYes
SIFs ComparisonYesYesYes
Multiplier for PFD (6)YesYesNo
Online proof test (7)YesYesYes
Other featuresYesYessome
Beta ToolincludedincludedNo
Equations documentFullFullPartial
Sample Report (5)includedincludedNo
External Excel file DataNoYesNo
Import from SRS_ToolNoYesNo

(2) It’s possible to draw the Logic Diagram of the SIF (one by one).

(3) It’s possible to show Logic Diagrams of the SIFs in the Report.

(4) Option to make an analysis of the SIF behavior by changing main parameters (quick generation of 12 PFDavg values in the same SIF).

(5) Example “SIL Verification Report” (Word template plus annexes)

(6) Factor to multiply PFD/PFH/STR to calculate SIFs which are bypassed and degraded for online tests or for batch processes.

(7) Calculation of PFDavg when making online proof tests (e.g.: PST online and FST offline). Equations are based on ISA TR84.00.03.

(8) New macro to generate up to 10 lists of the selected SIFs in order to compare different configurations, for example by introducing different correction factors of the main parameters (failure rates, Cpt, TI, LT, Beta, MTTRdd, MTTRs).

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