The following help videos are available on the SILcet tool

More videos and documentation on the Training Courses.

What’s new in SILcet 6.0

Video 1: Data Entry – SILcet 5.1

Video 2B – Example 1 – Comparison of SIFs

Create a Report – SILcet 5/6

(typical Report)

SUMMARY Report (SILcet 5/6)

Import data from another SILcet file

Video 2A – Example 1 – Simple SIF

Video 40A – Example 10 – SIF with 2 final elements

How to draw the SIF Logic Diagram (option 1)

(SILcet 4/5/6)

Create a list of devices (SILcet 5/6)

Other documents and courses available:
  • User Manual (included with SILcet)
  • Formulas SILcet (included with SILcet)
  • SILcet Installation and Troubleshooting (included with SILcet)
  • Training Courses

Functional Safety in 5 minutes