Partial Valve Stroke Test

Partial Valve Stroke Test (PVST) The Partial Valve Stroke Test is used in the Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) to diagnose valve failures without having to stop the process. The problem of the shut-off valves in low demand SIFs is that they remain in a position (open or closed) for many months, without knowing if they […]

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Compare SILcet with exSILentia

Compare SILcet with exSILentia To perform the SIL verification in process industry, according to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, there are several software tools such as “exSILentia” by Exida, our SILcet software and others. In the process industry “exSILentia” is, without a doubt, the reference software with great international recognition. It is a great suite

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