training on functional safety

We offer Training Courses on Functional Safety with very practical contents, with the aim of covering a growing need for high quality training.

Course 1: Functional Safety & Safety Instrumented System (SIS)

This course has various modalities “online”. It’s based on the Life Cycle of the Safety Instrumented System (SIS) according to IEC 61511.

It is made up of 5 parts: Introduction, Analysis Phase, Design and Implementation Phase, Operation & Maintenance Phase, Review of the main concepts.

Currently this course is available in english and spanish languages.

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Course 2: “Design of SIFs and SIL verification”

This training course has a different design and approach than other courses. Our standard course is focused on the design of the SIF (Instrumented Safety Function), comparing different cost alternatives versus technical solution according to IEC-61508/61511.

The course is structured in two parts, one to understand all the concepts with many real examples, and another totally practical with real Safety Functions of the industry. To solve the exercises we rely on a SIL calculation and verification tool (“SILcet“), developed by us, which allows us to easily calculate all types of simple and complex architectures, as well as make comparisons of different design alternatives.

Online Training

-Duration: 15 hours (depending on the level of the student)

-Free schedule 24/7/365 for 60 days (individual progress)

-Language: English or Spanish

-Software: SILcet license is included (Windows and Excel required).

-Documentation: Videos, course slides, SILcet tool manuals and SILcet Excel files with the exercises solved.

-Aimed at: Technicians, integrators and engineers related to Functional Safety and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) of the process industry.

– Trainer support, evaluation tests and certificate.

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Examples of Safety Functions (SIF) designed in the course:

  1. Tank Level (several cases)
  2. Vessel under pressure (several cases): i) undefined sensor type, ii) transmitter vs switch, iii) diversity of elements, iv) credit by comparison, v) bypass impact.
  3. Calculate the SIL achieved by the Logic Solver.
  4. Low combustion air flow in Incinerator or Furnace.
  5. Stop of high pressure pumps by partial closure of the suction.
  6. Gas valve closure due to flame loss.
  7. Emergency depressurization in a reactor: action on several lines when the temperature is excessive (Reactor Bed Temperature).
  8. How to solve a SIF with two Logic Solvers (Safety PLCs).
  9. SIF with shared elements (Control System and SIS).
  10. Example with Partial Valve Stroke Test.
  11. Examples with Complex Architectures.
  12. Turbine Trip Valve Hydraulic System.
  13. High Integrity Pressure Protection System
  14. Pressure vessels (different cases).
  15. Others: Solutions with high availability, Fire & Gas System, Protection of a Silo.

Course 3: “Cyber HAZOP Analysis”

  • The course is based on examples and real practical exercises on cybersecurity risk analysis methodologies (Cyber-HAZOP, Cyber-LOPA).
  • Based on HAZOP-LOPA analysis, cyber-risk analyses are developed following a similar methodology Cyber HAZOP-LOPA.
  • An Excel-based tool is used to complete the examples and exercises in the course.
  • The methodologies explained are based on the ISA document TR84.00.09-2017 and the Standards IEC62443 and IEC61511 / 61508.

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Cybersecurity Courses

IEC 61511 requires a security risk assessment to identify any cybersecurity vulnerability of the SIS. The security risk assessment must also include intentional attacks on hardware, application programs and related software, as well as unintended events resulting from a human error (clause 8.2.4 of IEC 61511).

IEC-61511 quotes the IEC 62443-2-1: 2010, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 and technical report ISA TR84.00.09 as reference standards for “security”. We recommend IEC 62443 / ISA99 which is specific for Control Systems and SIS.

ISA teaches the following courses on Industrial Cybersecurity:

  • IC32: Fundamentals Specialist.
  • IC33: Risk Assessment Specialist.
  • IC34: Design Specialist.
  • IC37: Maintenance Specialist.

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The most effective training course is that one lined up with your needs. Because of that, we adapt the contents of our continuous training courses to meet your or your company’s requirements, offering ad hoc solutions. We offer 100% custom developed classroom training sessions to maximize your time, your investment and the impact on work teams.

Tell us your needs and we will tailor the training session you require.

To us your time is the most valuable, that is why all our courses have been designed to after an intensive training session you can familiarize yourself with the contents and improve your skills on the subject. Through our expert instructors in different fields, we encourage creativity, innovation and initiative, bringing the world of engineering closer to our students.

After an initial diagnose phase, we will jointly design a tailored training session focused on empowering the team’s capabilities. Through our highly qualified Instructors we deliver dynamic, hands-on and partaking tailored training sessions.

We have extensive experience in Training Courses and have trained many professionals from companies such as ENAGAS, CYMI, INECO, ARAMCO, Sabic, Sadara, IPS-Industrial, Nexa Process Safety Engineers, AirWork, Felix Controls Limited, Navantia, IDOM, Prematecnica, Tecnicas Reunidas, Air Liquide, Medgaz, Initec PI, TEMA, CEPSA, Jacobs Spain, Hidro Nitro Española, Ansotec, SYSPRO Engineering, ARANER Technologies, Howden Spain, Ferro Atlantica.